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Strategic Communication Planning

Learn Communication Skills

Inspire and motivate your audience. Coaching and workshops in professional speaking skills to engage and influence customers. Overcome speaking nerves. Master public speaking at presentations, meetings, sales, networking, interviews. Speak like a thought leader in your industry. Group training and individual coaching.

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Strategic Communication

What is your business message?  Communicate your business message to key stakeholders with authenticity and consistency.  Train to Speak will develop a customised strategic communication plan, drawing together marketing, public relations, face to face communication, web, social media, digital and print.  Brand awareness, product launches, policy communication, events, crisis management.

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Make a great impression

What you say and how you say it will be a key contributor to build trust, win new clients, retain existing clients and raise your industry profile. Be it a sales presentation, client meeting or seminar, human nature dictates that your clients will decide what they think of you within the first 30 seconds. Make the right first impression, engage client’s interest and leave them remembering your message wanting to know more.

Elaine Doyle specialist trainer in public speaking


Elaine Doyle Communication Specialist

Communication skills development 

Founder of Train to Speak a renowned public speaking trainer with almost 20 years of public speaking experience and winner of 28 public speaking titles, Elaine will share professional speaking techniques that develop your unique speaking presence. Elaine’s coaching will hone your presentation skills taking business presentations from boring to brilliant, from good to great! Save years of learning by gaining professional speaking skills.

Strategic communication planning 

Elaine will bring to your business the skills to formulate effective communication plans.  Communicate your business message to key stakeholders. Elaine uses the tools of marketing, public relations, face to face communication, web, social media, digital and print to formulate a working plan for your business communication needs.

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public speaking will grow your success

Presentations that get results

Train to Speak coaching will target your specific presentation objectives. We teach you how to develop a presentation structure, content and stories toward your desired result.

Client focused supportive coaching reveals your existing presentation skills, your unique qualities and will target the specific public speaking skills needed for a polished and professional delivery. We will have you speaking like a thought leader in your industry.

Public speaking to connect to audiences

The spoken word is powerful and FREE

A consistent business message is essential to build trust and integrity in your brand. We teach you to ingrain your business message throughout all forms of communications with your customers. We call this Spoken Word Marketing. You will supercharge your existing marketing strategies when clients hear you speak.

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Real Life Examples


Adam’s Story

Starting a new plumbing business I realized that I needed to cold call. I dreaded this and didn’t know where to start. Elaine introduced me to DiSC Sales Profiling to understand and profile my customers. We targeted Hairdressers, profiled them, identified key words and developed a script, connection and delivery techniques.

I have used this cold calling method to great success and am now working with hairdressers and will apply it to other targeted customers to grow my business further.

Elaine helps you create the best way to speak to customers and put forward the best representation of your business. She has helped me tackle a part of my business I dreaded (cold calling) with a positive mindset and find those initial words to get the conversation started. I use these skills everyday with customers. Thanks Elaine for your help support and great new skills for my business.

“Elaine provided an interactive and informative experience, with the opportunity for each participant to explore their personal speaking styles within a helpful and supportive environment. It was a positive experience that significantly contributed to their confidence in speaking in public”.
Dr Caroline Owen, Education & Communications Officer , Cancer Research, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne
“Elaine was able to motivate the team and has given them tips and tools that will allow them to improve their public speaking ability”.
Jeanette Lyons-McKinnon, Marketing and Communications Manager, Leukaemia Foundation - Victoria
“Elaine’s individual coaching gave a review of my public presentation and improved it. She demonstrated the preparation and presentation techniques to improve my public communication”.
Stanley, Lawyer and Community Leader
“Elaine’s workshop was practical, thoughtful, well prepared and inspiring. I’m leaving it with boosted confidence and a wealth of new ideas to try”.
Kerri Batch , Leading Teacher Aiken College
“Elaine understands the principles of public speaking and has a tremendous ability to impart her knowledge”
David Pui , Information Technology Professional

KeziaKezia’s Story

Having recently been promoted in my role at a creative agency, I found I was frequently being asked to present my ideas and strategies to clients. This not only included pre-sales but throughout projects and to large groups (of up to 70, at this point) at each projects end.

I have always been a nervous speaker and quickly recognised that I needed help to confidently present the ideas I was so passionate about. I was recommended to Elaine and undertook a half day training session. The session allowed me to better convey my strategies, feel more confident in my delivery and to enter a nerve-jangling scenario with much more confidence. In particular, the one-on-one session allowed me to be aware of my particular weaknesses and turn them into positives.

On a weekly basis, I use the tools she provided to improve my presentation skills. Each time I present I improve. I am looking forward to a refresher in the near future and can’t thank her enough for what she has helped me achieve. It has added another bow to my professional career and allowed me to present my ideas in a clear, concise way that actively engages the audience.