“Elaine provided an interactive and informative experience, with the opportunity for each participant to explore their personal speaking styles within a helpful and supportive environment. It was a positive experience that significantly contributed to their confidence in speaking in public”.
Dr. Caroline Owen, Education & Communications Officer, Cancer Research, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne
“Elaine delivered a perfectly right-sized ‘presentation techniques’ session to my cohort of masters students. Rather than deliver a theoretical lecture, Elaine worked to understand the student’s major project and pitched the presentation in a context the students could understand. It was a coincidence that after the session, many of the students had a presentation to deliver. It was evident that the learnings were quickly adopted with great effect. Very happy to have Elaine back next year”.
Denis Masseni – Monash University teaching associate
“We had the first of our parent information nights last night and several of the speakers had been participants in your workshops last week. I was very excited to see some obvious improvements in their presentations. It was wonderfully gratifying to see such a clear link between the PD content and the outcomes for people when speaking in front of parents, and it definitely improved the communication of the school’s message. My feeling as an audience member was that the parents around me were impressed by and engaged with the night’s content. So, thank you greatly”.
(Ms) Kerri Batch, Director of Teaching and Learning, Aitken College
“Elaine was able to motivate the team and given them tips and tools that will allow them to improve their public speaking ability”.
Jeanette Lyons-McKinnon, Marketing and Communications Manager, Leukaemia Foundation – Victoria
“Just wanted to thank you for such an awesome day of coaching. Your unique style is making it so much easier for me to get a handle on my speech. Fair to say that my success is being greatly enhanced by you being involved. Thanks”
Leith Adams, Author and Motivational Speaker
“Elaine’s individual coaching gave a review of my public presentation and improved it. She showed the preparation and presentation techniques that I believe are useful to improve my public communication”.
Stanley – Lawyer and Community Leader
“Elaine not only presented, but listened to ideas from participants then elaborated on these”. “Gave a great guide on the mechanics of constructing a presentation, very helpful”.
Kerrie – Teacher Lauriston Girls School
“The workshop was very well presented and contained lots of useful advice for putting a good speech together”.
Steve Craven
“I came away feeling quite empowered and ready to tackle 2015″
“Elaine was very engaging. She really demonstrated the things in her lecture thorough her own approach”.
“I learned to acknowledge my nerves and overcome it”.
Myrna Gutierrez
“Elaine understands the principles of public speaking and has a tremendous ability to impart her knowledge”.
David Pui
“A great workshop aimed at all skill levels with practical ideas to use immediately”.
Michael Patchell
“I would never of wanted to public speak but after today it did make me more open and want to start trying to speak publicly”.
Demi Scott
“Thank you so much for coming to our organisation today. I felt like we could all implement some of the things in our future meetings”.
Nolita Lynch, Aborigines Advancement League
“This workshop provided me with strategies to overcome my public speaking nerves, very natural, practical and helpful”.
“A useful professional development workshop with practical tips and the opportunity for self-reflection and sharing of ideas with peers”.
Tim Agnew
“Quite enjoyable session, found new and interesting information”.
“Thank you once again, the workshop presentation was really informative I loved your easy to listen to style, looking around the meeting the members were really focussed on what you were saying.”
Len Moore, President – Nillumbik Toastmasters

“Enjoyable, Relaxed and effective”

“Now feel more confident in knowing how to prepare a presentation or speech”

“This course gives you the tools to be more confident and I feel a sense of empowerment when participating at meetings”

“Excellent techniques for meeting the foundations of public speaking”

“This course should be offered to all staff wanting professional development in public speaking.  Very precise and easy to follow methodology”.

“This course helped me to have an understanding of the importance of a good foundation to provide a good presentation”.

“This workshop provided me with strategies to overcome my public speaking nerves 10/10″

“I feel more confident to approach my next public speaking event 10/10″

“The presenter was excellent”

“I liked the presentation, very professional and funny”